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Sony Android 7.0 update

This year, certain Sony Xperia owners were treated to an Android N preview build just as they were last year with Android M. Sony’s Nougat Concept rolled out on November 1 for the Xperia X Performance. Then, on November 21, the Xperia X assumed the top spot for future Sony Concept builds, and received the latest beta from

CM13 for the Xperia Z3 Compact Marshmallow 6.0.1

DOWNLOAD! (will be uploading updated builds every few days – until the official CM nightlies start rolling out….) To Install: 1. – BACKUP YOUR CURRENT ROM (on internal storage preferably) I will NOT be handing out tissues to wipe away tears if you do something silly… if you are not sure, then don’t! 2. –

New Feature Overview of the Android N

Google released the Android N build all of a sudden last night. For the first time in Google’s history developer preview edition has been released this early. The reasoning behind this is to get feedback early and release it to the OEMs in order to the help them build their flavor quickly. Right now this